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Here you have the (nearly) complete list of the SAP transactions (about 16000 ) sorted by transaction code. Group JB0B MENUJB0B Maintain Financial Conditions JB0J MENUJB0J Treasury Master Data JB0K RJBTKALO Costing Call JB0O SAPMJBDK Copy Company Code JB0P RJBTPRAZ_APL Display and Delete Logs JB0R RJBTKALR Backdating JB02 MENUJB02 Bank Single Transaction Costing JB04 MENUJB04 Bank Risk Management JB05 MENUJB05 IS-B: Bank regulatory reporting JB06 MENUJB06 Bank RM Configuration Menu JB07 MENUJB07 IS-B: Settings menu - bank Key Figure KVA6 SAPL0KOZ Copy Assignment CCtr/KF KVBI RKAEP000 Sales Documents: Line Items Actual KVBO RKAEP000 Sales Documents: Commit.So, you can navigate to your transaction and have a look what interesting you may find "next to" this. JB08 MENUJB08 Bank STC Configuration Menu JB1K RJBTKALK00 Update costing JB12 MENUJB12 Limit Management JB16 RJBTKRLT Costing Rule List JB18 RJBTKMP Display Req./Opt. Line Items KVB0 SAPL0KOZ Maintain Plan Assignment Process/KF KVB1 SAPL0KOZ Display Plan Assignment Process/KF KVB2 SAPL0KOZ Change Actual Assignment Process/KF KVB3 SAPL0KOZ Display Actual Assignment Process/K KVB4 SAPMKWM1 PROZ: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures KVB6 SAPL0KOZ Copy Assignment Processes/KF KVC0 SAPL0KOZ Change Plan Assignment CObj/KF KVC1 SAPL0KOZ Display Plan Assignment CObj/KF KVC2 SAPL0KOZ Change Actual Assignment CObj/KF KVC3 SAPL0KOZ Display Actual Assignment CObj/KF KVC4 SAPMKWM1 KSRTG: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figure KVC6 SAPL0KOZ Copy Assignment Cost Object/Key Fig KVD0 SAPL0KOZ Maintain Plan Assignment ATyp/KF KVD1 SAPL0KOZ Display Plan Assignment ATyp/KF KVD2 SAPL0KOZ Change Actual Assignment ATyp/KF KVD3 SAPL0KOZ Display Actual Assignment ATyp/KF KVD4 SAPMKWM1 LSTAR: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figure KVD6 SAPL0KOZ Copy Assignment Act Type/Key Figure KW3P SAPLKW3P WWW: Internal Price List KXH1 SAPLKKHI Create Group (Hierarchical) KXH2 SAPLKKHI Change Group (Hierarchical) KXH3 SAPLKKHI Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical) KZA1 SAPMKACZ Select Overhead LAS0 SAPMSP00 Sequencing LAS2 SAPLSP00 Change Sequence Schedule LAS3 SAPLSP00 Display Sequence Schedule LBWE RMCEXCUC LO Data Ext.: Customizing Cockpit LBWF RMCEX000 Log for Logistics Extract. BW Data LBW0 RMCSBIWC Interface LIS Information Structure LBW1 RMCSBIW0 Update Activation LIS/BW LBW2 RMCSBIWF Version Copier LIS/BW LB01 SAPML02B Create Transfer Requirement LB02 SAPML02B Change transfer requirement LB03 SAPML02B Display Transfer Requirement LB10 SAPML02B TRs for Storage Type LB11 SAPML02B TRs for Material LB12 SAPML02B TRs and Posting Change for Mat. LB13 SAPML02B TRs for Requirement LCO1 RMCWMNMB Set Up Warehouse Co/Material Docs.A person who deliberately backdates a bill of lading in order to bring it within the shipment time in the credit acts fraudulently."Shipped" and "Received for Shipment" Bills of Lading Depending on the time when the carrier takes over the goods, a bill of lading may be a "shipped" or a "received for shipment" bill.TA Report Header Description IAOMA IAOM_LOG_REPOR Log for Account Assignment Manager IAOMB IAOM_LOG_DELET Delete Acc. Measuring Points for Ob IK05 SAPLIMR0 Change Measuring Points for Object IK05R SAPLIMR0 Change Ref. Rates for Yield Curve JB69T SAPMJBDZ Time OFday dep. LD05 SAPML06D Check LDK01 Records (internal call) LD06 SAPML06D Check LDK02 Records LD07 SAPML06D Check LDK03 Records LD08 SAPML06D Check LDK04 Records (internal call) LD09 SAPML06D Check LDK05 records LD10 SAPML06D Clear decentralized inventory diff.Assignment Manager Log IAOMC IAOM_LINK_ANAL Object Link Analysis Acct Managemen IAOM0 IAOM_BUSINESS Business Scenario Translator IAOM1 IAOM_CSCENARIO Maintain Controlling Scenario IAOM2 IAOM_CUST_CO Maintain Controlling Integration IA00 MENUIA00 IA01 SAPLCPDI Create Equipment Task List IA02 SAPLCPDI Change Equipment Task List IA03 SAPLCPDI Display Equipment Task List IA04 RMIAPL70 Display PM/SM Task List (A; E; T) IA05 SAPLCPDI Create general task list IA06 SAPLCPDI Change General Maintenance Task Lis IA07 SAPLCPDI Display General Task List IA08 RIPLKO10 Change PM Task Lists IA09 RIPLKO10 Display Task Lists IA10 RIPLKO20 Display Task Lists (Multilevel) IA11 SAPLCPDI Create Funct Loc Task List IA12 SAPLCPDI Change Funct Loc Task List IA13 SAPLCPDI Display Funct Loc Task List IA15 RMIAPL40 Task List Original Change Docs IA16 RMIAPL20 Cost Maintenance Task Lists IA17 RMIAPL30 Print Maintenance Task Lists IA18 RMIAPL10 Display Task Lists by Class Search IA19 RMIAPL10 Change Task Lists by Class Search IA21 RMIAPL50 Evaluate Task List Change Documents IA25 RPMREDE2 Deletion of PM Task Lists IBIP SAPLIBIP PM: Batch Input Utility IBIPA IBIPBAL Transaction for BAL of IBIP IBI2 RIIBIP00 Plant Maintenance Batch Input IB01 SAPMC29S Create Equipment BOM IB02 SAPMC29S Change Equipment BOM IB03 SAPMC29S Display Equipment BOM IB05 SAPMC29S Change Equipment BOM Group IB06 SAPMC29S Display Equipment BOM Group IB07 SAPLCSAL Assign Equipment BOM to Plant IB08 SAPLCSAL Change Equipment BOM - Plant Alloc. IB11 SAPMC29S Create Functional Location BOM IB12 SAPMC29S Change Functional Location BOM IB13 SAPMC29S Display Functional Location BOM IB15 SAPMC29S Change Funct Location BOM Group IB16 SAPMC29S Display Funct Location BOM Group IB17 SAPLCSAL Create Funct Loc. Measuring Points for Ob IK06 SAPLIMR0 Display Measuring Points for Object IK06R SAPLIMR0 Display Ref Measuring Points for Ob IK07 RIIMPT20 Display Measuring Points IK07R RIIMPT25 Display Reference Measuring Point IK08 RIIMPT20 Change Measuring Points IK08R RIIMPT25 Change Reference Measuring Point IK09 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range for Table IMP IK10R SAPMILO2 Transfer Data from Ref Measuring Pn IK11 SAPLIMR0 Create Measurement Document IK12 SAPLIMR0 Change Measurement Document IK13 SAPLIMR0 Display Measurement Document IK14 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of Meas Documents IK15 SAPLIMR0 Take Up Measurement Reading Transfe IK16 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of Meas Documents IK17 RIIMR020 Display Measurement Documents IK18 RIIMR020 Change Measurement Documents IK19 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range for Table IMR IK21 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of Meas Documents IK22 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of Meas Documents IK31 SAPLIMR7 Create Meas Reading Entry List IK32 SAPLIMR7 Change Meas Reading Entry List IK33 SAPLIMR7 Display Meas Reading entry list IK34 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of Meas Documents IK41 RIARCMRI Display Meas Docs From Archive IK51 RIMPHIER Meas Reading Transfer Structure IK52 RIMPHIST Meas Reading Transfer History IK71 SAPLIMRI Create Meas. IR's for Zcurves pf1 JB81 SAPMJBD1 Maintain account JB99 MENUJB99 Test Menu ONLINE Integration JVTT SAPMSCAT Joint Venture Test Tool J1AH SAPLJ1AO Creating Way Bills J1AI J_1AA001 Asset Revaluation (Inflation) J1AJ SAPLJ1AO Print Way Bill Document J1AM J_1AIP01 Delete and create index version J1AP SAPMSNUM Nummernkreispflege: J_1APRNTCH J1AX J_1ARCVM Market price determination program J1AZ J_1AMCIP MM index adjustment program J1A3 J_1AMGIP MM goods issue revaluation J1A5 J_1AMLBS MM Warehouse stock report (Arg.) J1A6 SAPMJ1A6 Modify Official Document Number J1A7 J_1AMGMC Average cost valuation J1BBST RFID_BR_TRBAL Balance Sheet Transfer Loans: Brazi J1BF SAPMV13B Create Entries for Output Type J1BG SAPMV13B Change Entries for Output Type J1BH SAPMV13B Display Entries for Output Type J1BO SAPMV12A Output Cond Table/Create Nota Fiscal J1BP SAPMV12A Output Cond Table/Change Nota Fiscal J1BQ SAPMV12A Output Cond Table/Display Nota Fisca J1BTAX J_1B_MIGRATE_TATax Manager's Workplace J1B1 SAPMJ1B1 Create Nota Fiscal (Writer) J1B1N SAPMJ1B1 Create Nota Fiscal (Writer) - Enjoy J1B2 SAPMJ1B1 Change Nota Fiscal J1B2N SAPMJ1B1 Change Nota Fiscal - Enjoy J1B3 SAPMJ1B1 Display Nota Fiscal J1B3N SAPMJ1B1 Display Nota Fiscal - Enjoy J1IA SAPMJ1IA Excise Invoice Details J1IB SAPMJ1IB Excise Verification And Posting J1ID SAPMJ1ID Rate maint & amend open po's/so's J1IEX SAPLJ1IEX Incoming Excise Invoices J1IF SAPMJ1IF Subcontracting J1IFQ SAPMJ1IFQ Challan : Reconcile Quantity J1IFR J_1IDOCLIST Subcontracting Challan Listing J1IF01 SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting Challan : Create J1IF11 SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting Challan : Change J1IF12 SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting Challans : Display J1IF13 SAPMJ1IFN Challan Complete/Reverse/Recredit J1IG SAPMJ1IG RG23D register receipt at depot J1IGA SAPMJ1IGA Additional Excise Entry at Depot J1IGAD SAPMJ1IGA Additional Excise at Depot Displa J1IGR J_1IEXCP_GR1 List of GR's without gate pass J1IH SAPMJ1IH Create Excise JV J1IHBK J_1IHBKD Copy House Bank ID from Invoice J1IIN SAPMJ1IIN Outgoing Excise Invoice J1IJ SAPMJ1IJ Excise invoice selec. KKA3 SAPMKKAA Sales Document Item Results Analysi KKA3P SAPMKKAA Sales Document Item Results Analysi KKA4 SAPMKKAA Create Res. Pro KKOB MENUKKOB Basic Functions of Cost Object Cont KKOG RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for Costing KKOH RKCOBTR2 Transport of Reports KKOI RKCOBTR4 Transport of Forms KKOJ RKCOBTR3 Client Copy of Reports KKOK RKCOBTR5 Client Copy of Forms KKOM SAPMKCB9 Test Monitor Object Record Reports KKON RKDREODA Reorganization of Report Data KKOO RKDREOBE Reorganization of Reports KKOP RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms KKOR SAPMKKB2 Report Selection KKOT RKDREPDV Split Report KKOV RKES0101 Maintain Global Variable KKOW SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation Type KKO0 SAPMKCEE Run Drilldown Report KKO1 SAPMKCEE Create Drilldown Report KKO2 SAPMKCEE Change Drilldown Report KKO3 SAPMKCEE Display Drilldown Report KKO4 SAPMKES1 Create Form KKO5 SAPMKES1 Change Form KKO6 SAPMKES1 Display Form KKO7 RKKBKKO7 Maintain Key Figures KKO8 RKDBAT02 Background Processing of Reports KKPA SAPLKKP4 Create Cost Est w/o Qty Structure KKPAN SAPLCKDI Create Cost Est. LD11 SAPML06D Clear differences in R/2 LEAN RVFTPRAN Request long-term Vend Decl.In 1961, Welch planned to quit his job as junior engineer because he was dissatisfied with the raise offered to him and was unhappy with the bureaucracy he observed at GE.Welch was persuaded to remain at GE by Reuben Gutoff, an executive at the company, who promised him that he would help create the small-company atmosphere Welch desired.

Between 19, Mutual Fund founder John Bogle estimates total CEO compensation grew 8.5 percent/year compared to corporate profit growth of 2.9 percent/year and per capita income growth of 3.1 percent.During his tenure at GE, the company's value rose 4,000%.Late in his senior year, Welch was accepted to University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he studied chemical engineering.Document in Internet IL01 SAPMILO0 Create Functional Location IL02 SAPMILO0 Change Functional Location IL03 SAPMILO0 Display Functional Location IL04 SAPMILO1 Create Funct Location: List Entry IL05 RIIFLO20 Change Functional Location IL06 SAPMILO2 Data Transfer From Funct Location IL07 RIIFLO30 Funct. req: Reorganization of forms IMD0 SAPMKCEE App.req: Execute report IMD1 SAPMKCEE App.req: Create report IMD2 SAPMKCEE App.req: Change report IMD3 SAPMKCEE App.req: Display report IMD4 SAPMKES1 App.req: Create form IMD5 SAPMKES1 App.req: Change form IMD6 SAPMKES1 App.req: Display form IMD8 RCNRCJES App.req: Client copy report IMD9 RCNRCJEW App.req: Client copy form IMEB RKDBAT02 Background processing of reports IMEC SAPMKCC0 Maint. type IMEG RAIMGENCHAR Generate User-Defined Characteristi IMEK RIPTIMEK Maintain ratios IMEM SAPMKCB9 Test monitor - inv. at depot sale J1IK SAPMJ1IK Selection of Excise Invoice - Commo J1IL MENUJ1IL India Localization J1IN SAPMJ1IN India Version Tax Deduction at Sour J1INAR J_1IEWT_ANN_RETAnnual Returns J1INC J_1ITDS2 Tax Deduction at Source: Classic J1INCC J_1IEWT_CERT_CUPrint Customer WH Tax Certificates J1INHC J_1IEWT_HEALTH_Health check for migration to EWT J1INJV SAPMJ1INJV Enter Journal Voucher J1INPP J_1IEWT_UPDATE_Update Business Place in FI documen J1INPR J_1IEWT_PROVISIProvisions for Taxes on Services J1INUT J_1IEWT_PROV_UTUtilise Withholding Tax on Provisio J1IO J_1IRTRO Retrospective price amendments J1IP J_1IPRNE Excise invoice print J1IQ J_1IITDEP Year-End IT Depreciation Report J1IR J_1IDNLD Data Download J1IS SAPMJ1IS Excise invoice for other movements J1IU SAPMJ1IU Forms capture J1IUN SAPMJ1IUN Forms tracking J1IV SAPMJ1IV Excise post & print for others mvmt J1IW SAPMJ1IW Excise Invoice without PO J1IX SAPMJ1IX Excise Invoice Verification WO PO J1I0 J_1ICWIZ Customizing wizard J1I2 J_1ISTAX Sales Tax Register J1I3 J_1I_BATCH_UTILModvat utilzation in batch J1I5 J_1IREGSN Register creation for RG23 and RG1 J1I6 J_1IMODF Modvat forecast J1I7 J_1IEXCH Query Excise invoices J1I8 J_1ICHLN TDS Challan Update J2IB J_1ISTCH Service tax challan J2IC J_1IST3 Service tax returns J2IE J_1ITDSR View Archived TDS documents J2IF J_1I_EXCISE_DOCDisplay document flow J2IN J_2IRTN New RT-12 Report J2IRG1 J_2IRRG1 Register RG1 J2IU J_1IRUTZ Fortnightly Utilization J2I5 J_2IREXT Extract J2I6 J_2IRPUT Print Utility J2I8 J_1ICAPG subs credit for Cap Goods J2I9 J_1I57AE New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57A KABL SAPMKB01 Order: Planning Overview KABP RKAEP000 Controlling Documents: Plan KAB9 SAPMKB02 Planning Report: Orders KAFD SAPLKAFD External Data Transfer KAFL SAPLKAFD Delete All Costs Transferred w. Analysis Data for Order KKA5 SAPMKKAA Create RA Data for WBS Element KKA6 SAPMKKAA Create RA Data for Sales Order KKA7 SAPMKKAA Delete Results Anal. Data for Order KKA8 SAPMKKAA Delete RA Data for WBS Element KKA8P SAPMKKAA Delete RA Data for WBS Element KKA9 SAPMKKAA Delete RA Data for Sales Order KKA9P SAPMKKAA Delete RA Data for Sales Order KKBB RKKB1000 Report Call CM KKBC SAPMKKB2 Main Tree for CO-PC Info System KKBD RKKBSELN Order Selection Without Variances KKBE RKKBSELN Order Selection with Variances KKBF RKKBSEL1 Order Selection (Classification) KKBG RKKBJGEN Generate Report Group KKBH SAPMKB02 Planning report: Cost objects KKBI RKKBJEIN Import/Generate FI/CO Report Groups KKBO RKKBRPTR Report Tree KKBU SAPMKB01 Cost Object: Planning Overview KKBZ RKKRHILI2 Display Hierarchy List KKB0 RKKB2030 Control Parameters for Info System KKB0N RKKB2030N Control Parameters for Info System KKB1 RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for Sales Document KKB2 RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for Cost Object KKB3 RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for WBS Elements KKB4 RKKBKIS1 Itemization for Base Planning Obj. KKC1 SAPMKKP0 Create Cost Object KKC2 SAPMKKP0 Change Cost Object KKC3 SAPMKKP0 Display Cost Object KKC4 SAPMKKPP Create Cost Object Planning KKC5 SAPMKKPP Change Cost Object Planning KKC6 SAPMKKPP Display Cost Object Planning KKC7 SAPMKKP0 Create Product Group KKC8 SAPMKKP0 Change Product Group KKC9 SAPMKKP0 Display Product Group KKDV SAPMKEDV CO-PC: Summarization level maint. w/o Qty Structure KKPB SAPLKKP4 Change Cost Est w/o Qty Structure KKPBN SAPLCKDI Change Cost Est. Pro KOPA1 SAPMKES1 Overall Plan.; Orders: Create layou KOPA2 SAPMKES1 Overall Plan.; Orders: Change Layou KOPA3 SAPMKES1 Overall Plan.; Orders: Displ. (vendor LECI SAPRLECHKIN Register Means of Transport/Visitor LECIW SAPRLECHKIN Register Means of Transport/Visitor LEER RVFTPRER Create long-term Ven Decl. (vendor) LEPA SAPLV53F Activate Determination Log LEPD SHPFPDELETE Deletion of INDX Records LEPS SHPFPDISPLAY Display Determination Log LH01 SAPML03T Assign Pick-HU to TO LH03 SAPML03T Assign Pick-HU to TO Display LIBS GUILSTCN List layout LICC RLINV060 Cycle Counting per Quant LISK RKCSUB00 LIS: Data Collection in R/2 LI01 SAPML04I Create System Inventory Record LI01N SAPML04I Create System Inventory Record LI02 SAPML04I Change System Inventory Record LI02N SAPML04I Change System Inventory Record LI03 SAPML04I Display System Inventory Record LI03N SAPML04I Display System Inventory Record LI04 SAPML04I Print System Inventory Record LI05 SAPML04I Inventory History for Storage Bin LI11 SAPML04I Enter Inventory Count LI11N SAPML04I Enter Inventory Count LI12 SAPML04I Change inventory count LI12N SAPML04I Change inventory count LI13 SAPML04I Display Inventory Count LI13N SAPML04I Display Inventory Count LI14 SAPML04I Start Inventory Recount LI15 RLINV070 Evaluation of quant inventory LI16 RLINV080 Cancel Physical Inventory Doc.Location List (Multi-Level) IL08 SAPMILO0 Create Functional Location IL09 RIFLUSPR User Profile for Labeling IL10 RI_IFLOS_REUSE Reusability of Historical Labels IL11 SAPMILO0 Create Reference Location IL12 SAPMILO0 Change Reference Location IL13 SAPMILO0 Display Reference Location IL14 SAPMILO1 Create Ref Location: List Entry IL15 RIIRLO20 Change Reference Location IL16 SAPMILO2 Data Transfer from Ref Location IL17 SAPMILO2 Take up Data Transfer IL18 SAPMILO2 Data Transfer From Equipment IL20 RIIFLO20 Change Functional Location IMAI RKKBRPTR CI Management Info System IMAMB MASSBACK Automatic Mass Change IMAMP RAIMARED Blanket Change to Plan Values IMAN SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: IMAK IMAP SAPMKBUD Change plan for appropriation req. IMCK RICTIMCK IM Summariz: Calculated key figures IMCM SAPMKCB9 IM Summariz: Test monitor f. KAF KAH1 SAPLKKHI Create Cost Element Group KAH2 SAPLKKHI Change cost element group KAH3 SAPLKKHI Display cost element group KAID RKADELIT Delete ALE-COEP(L) Line Items KALA RKAKALC3 Activate Reconciliation Ledger KALB RKAKALC3 Deactivate Reconciliation Ledger KALC RKAKALFI Cost Flow Message KALD RKAKALDE Reset Reconciliation Ledger KALE RKAKALT9 Reconcil. Ledger (Rollup) KALR RKAKALR1 Reconciliaton Ledger: CO Line Items KALS RKAKALFI Reverse Reconciliation Posting KALX RKAKALX1 Fill Original Units in CO Document KALY RKAKALX2 Convert Reconc. Ledger Follow-Up Posting KAL7 RKAKALR2 Overview of Cost Flows KAL8 RKKBBGEN Generate Reconcil. Pro KGST EWSTEUER Control Tables: Consistency Check KIMS RKCIMSST R/2 - R/3 - Link: IMS Systems KISR SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Segment Adjustment KIS6 SAPMKGA1 Segment Adjustment: Overview KIS6N SAPLKAL1 Segment Adjustment: Overview KJH1 SAPLKKHI Create WBS Element Groups KJH2 SAPLKKHI Change WBS Element Groups KJH3 SAPLKKHI Display WBS Element Groups KKAA RKAEP000 Sales Document Line Items; Accrual KKAB SAPMKKB2 Run Selected Reports KKAC RKKBKIS1 Sales Order Hierarchy Display KKAD RKKBSEL1 Order List for Make-to-Order KKAE SAPKKA10 Results Analysis: Display Worklist KKAF SAPKKA11 Results Analysis: Delete Worklist KKAG SAPMKKAC WIP: Display Worklist KKAH RKKBSELL Sales Order Selection KKAI SAPKKA01 Actual Results Analysis: Orders KKAIP SAPKKA01PL Planned Results Analysis: Orders KKAJ SAPKKA00 Actual Results Analysis: WBS Elem. KKAV SAPMKKAC WIP Calculation for Cost Object Hie KKAW SAPMKKAC WIP Display Cost Object Hierarchy KKAX SAPMKKAC WIP Calculation for Order KKAY SAPMKKAC WIP Display for Order KKA0 SAPMKKAB Maintain Cutoff Period KKA0P SAPMKKAB Maintain Cutoff Period KKA1 SAPMKKAA Order Results Analysis and WIP Calc KKA1P SAPMKKAA Order Results Analysis and WIP Calc KKA2 SAPMKKAA Project Results Anal. KKB5 RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for Material KKB6 RKKBFOCO Configure Report Trees KKCA RKAEP000 Cost Objects: Variance Line Items KKCP RKAEP000 Cost Object Line Items - Plan KKCS RKAEP000 Cost Objects: Line Items - Actual KKCV SAPMV76A Var. KKEB RKKEK0BI Revaluate Base Planning Objects KKEC RKKEKLVE Compare Base Object - Unit Cost Est KKED RKKBKIS1 BOM for Base Planning Objects KKE1 SAPMK70B Add Base Planning Object KKE2 SAPMK70B Change Base Planning Object KKE3 SAPMK70B Display Base Planning Object KKE4 RKKEBTL1 List Base Planning Objects KKE5 RKKEDEL1 Delete Test Data for Base Object KKE6 SAPMKKB4 Analyze Unit Cost Est Base Plan Obj KKE7 RKKBRPTR Report Tree Base Planning Object KKFB RKAEP000 RS Header: Line Items Variance KKF1 SAPMKAUF Create CO Production Order KKF2 SAPMKAUF Change CO Production Order KKF3 SAPMKAUF Display CO Production Order KKF4 SAPMKBUD Change CO-FA Plan Values KKF5 SAPMKBUD Display CO-FA Plan Values KKF6 SAPMKOSA Create Production Cost Collector KKF6M RK_PKOSA_MULTI_Create Multiple Product Cost Coll. w/o Quantity Struc KKPC SAPLKKP4 Display Cost Est w/o Qty Structure KKPCN SAPLCKDI Display Cost Est. CCTR/Acty Typ KM1V RKKSTSEV Cost Center Selection Variants KM3V RKPRZSEV Select. Processes KM5V RKKOASEV Selection Variants: Cost Elements KM7V RKLSTSEV Activity Type Selection Variants KNMA SAPLKNMA Target=Actual-IAA: cost centers KOAB RKKOT2 Order Types: Budget Profile KOAI RKKOT2 Order Types: Default Int. Internal Orders KOK5 SAPMKAUF Master Data List Internal Orders KOK6 SAPMKAUF Collect. Layou KOPU SAPMKPU2 Execute Orders for Plan Revaluation KOP1 SAPMKPU1 Create Orders for Plan Revaluation KOP2 SAPMKPU1 Change Orders for Plan Revaluation KOP3 SAPMKPU1 Display Orders for Plan Revaluation KOP4 SAPMKPU1 Delete Orders for Plan Revaluation KORI RKORJB00 Job Selection KORJ RKORJB00 Job Selection (Output) KOR2 JHS0200S _ KOSL MMANALOG Incompleteness FT Data BOM KOTZ RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for Order KOT2 RKKOT2 Maintain Order Types - All Categs. Item LI20 SAPML04I Clear Inventory Differences WM LI21 RLLI2110 Clear Inventory Differences in MM-I LK01 BUSSTART Create consumer LK02 BUSSTART Change consumer LK03 BUSSTART Display consumer LLDEL SBAL_DELETE Delete application logs LLVS MENULLVS WM Menu LL01 RLLL0100 Warehouse Activity Monitor LM00 RLOGON Logon RF LM01 RLMENU Dynamic Menu LM02 RLMOB001 Select by SU -Put Away LM03 RLMOB001 Put Away - by TO LM04 RLMOB005 Put Away -System Guided LM05 RLMOB001 Picking by TO ID LM06 RLMOB001 Picking - by Delivery ID LM07 RLMOB008 Picking - System Guided LM09 RLMOB001 Put Away by Delivery ID LM11 RLMOB010 Posting Changes LM12 RLMOB012 Material Inquiry LM13 RLMOB013 Put Away Clustered LM18 RLMOB018 Handling Unit Inquiry LM19 RLMOB019 Handling Unit - Pack LM22 RLMOB019 Handling Unit - Unpack LM24 RLMOB019 Packing HU by Delivery LM25 RLMOB019 Unpack HU by Delivery LM26 RLMOB007 Picking by Delivery - W/O sel scree LM27 RLMOB007 Put Away by Delivery - W/O sel scre LM30 RLMOB030 Load Control - Load by Shipment LM31 RLMOB031 Load Control - Load by Delivery LM32 RLMOB032 Load Control - System Guide Load LM33 RLMOB030 Load Control - Un Ld by Shipment.

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